Ben Ainslie

Sailor - 4 Times Olympic Gold Medallist

Without doubt one of the most successful competitive sailors of all time, Sir Ben Ainslie won medals at five different Olympic games (including gold at four consecutive Olympics), and eleven world titles.

Sarah Ayton

Sailor - Olympic Gold Medallist in 2004 & 2008

Encouraged by her parents to believe in herself and work hard, Sarah showed a talent for the sport from an early age and went on to win silver at the ISAF Youth World Championships.

Sir Charles Blyth

Sailor, Adventurer & Businessman

The first person to sail non-stop westwards around the world single handedly.

Dee Caffari

Inspirational & Courageous Sailor

A former PE teacher, Dee Caffari is a determined and courageous British sailor who has circumnavigated the globe an incredible six times. Her many achievements include being the first woman to sail single-handed and non-stop around the world in both directions.

Tracy Edwards

Sailor, Author & Businesswoman

Traditionally a male dominated sport, Tracy was determined to enter the 1989 Whitbread with a crew made up entirely of women. Against all the odds she managed to recruit a 12 women crew and Maiden sailed into the history books when it finished in second position in its class, as well as winning two out of six individual legs. Regarded as the toughest yacht race in the world, they endured gruelling conditions and savage seas on the perilous ninth month journey. Tracy became the first woman for more than three decades to be awarded the Yachtsman of the Year Trophy and was also appointed MBE in recognition of this remarkable achievement.

Mike Golding

Record Breaking Sailor

English yachtsman who is one of the few to have raced non stop round the world in both directions.

Pete Goss

Sailor & Adventurer

Yachtsman who saved fellow sailor Raphaël Dinelli in the 1996 Vendée Globe solo around the world yacht race.